Mission Statement

The Andrés Montoya Poetry Prize, named after the late California native and author of the award-winning book, The Iceworker Sings, supports the work of emerging Latino/a poets. The Prize provides a space for artists who, while part of the largest and fastest growing minority in the United States, are also increasingly diverse in their modes of literary expression. The Prize, therefore, does not privilege any particular style, subject matter, or aesthetic. While not losing sight of the traditions and conditions that gave rise to that literary expression, the Prize has as its goal to nurture the various paths that Latino poetry is taking in the 21st Century. The Prize is awarded every other year. In the year it is not awarded, the Institute for Latino Studies, in collaboration with the previous year’s winner, will strive to foster and expand the audience for Latino poetry, both inside and outside our communities.

Print inspiredby Andrés Montoya's poem, the escape