Latino Studies Scholars Program

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"Through the Latino Studies Scholars Program (LSSP) Notre Dame is demonstrating its commitment to develop the next generation of leaders who are committed to expand the common good.  One cannot be such a leader in any sector without a deep understanding of Latino communities, the largest ethnoracial group in the country and in the Catholic Church.  It is often said that leaders are not made, they are born.  We are convinced that whatever the origin of leaders, they must be supported to develop to the full range of their abilities.  LSSP is designed to help the next generation of leaders reach that potential as a fundamental part of their undergraduate studies."

-Luis Ricardo Fraga (Co-Director, Institute for Latino Studies)

"Leaders in education, the professions, the arts, the church, business, and politics cannot be successful if they lack core knowledge about Latinos, the fastest-growing and youngest population in the United States. The Latino Studies Scholars Program is at the heart of efforts at the Institute for Latino Studies (ILS) and Notre Dame to equip our students with the training they need to be transformative leaders in the Catholic Church and in society." 

-Timothy Matovina (Co-Director, Institute for Latino Studies)


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