Summer Service Learning Courses

The Cross-Cultural Leadership Program (CCLP) engages students in real-world applications of their academic studies through summer service learning in Chicago, Los Angeles, and Washington, D.C. Students in this three-credit, eight-week summer course will be immersed in community-based and national organizations. They will also engage in critical study related to their service learning in a class led by an ILS professor. To promote full immersion in this service-learning experience, students will not be placed in their home communities.

VIDEOS: Hear what past CCLP participants have to say about the program.

Service Sites
Scholarship Support Provided for All CCLP Students:
  • Living quarters

  • $1,100 stipend for food and bus/train pass

  • $2,500 scholarship toward student account in the fall

  • All materials for 3-credit course

  • Travel to and from Chicago, Los Angeles or Washington, D.C. based on need and available program funding.

Academic Requirements:
  • Attend three orientation sessions in the spring semester prior to summer service learning course.

  • Register for three-credit course. Credit is granted in the fall following completion of the summer service learning course. For students studying abroad in the fall, credit will be conferred in the spring.

  • Read all course books and course packet articles.

  • Keep a journal.

  • Participate in class sessions with professor and other students.

  • Final presentation of your experience at end of summer service learning course to other students, faculty, community members, and alumni of Notre Dame.

  • Write synthesis paper at the end of the course.

  • Participate in all follow up activities in fall following summer service learning course such as exit interview, video, and open house for future potential applicants.

For more information about CCLP please contact Idalia (Laly) Maldonado, 574-631-3672 or