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Latino Studies is an interdisciplinary field of academic research and scholarship engaged in understanding the past, present, and future of the youngest and fastest-growing population in the United States. Latinos encompass immigrants from every country in Latin America and the Caribbean as well as those whose ancestors were long ago incorporated during U.S. westward expansion.

The supplemental major and minor in Latino Studies engage students with the latest research and analysis on the diverse Latino population in fields such as American studies, anthropology, history, literature, political science, sociology, and theology.

Each semester, the Institute for Latino Studies offers approximately fourteen undergraduate courses that range from classroom lectures and seminars to community-based, service-learning courses in the local Latino community of South Bend.

ILS also offers annual summer service-learning courses in Chicago, Los Angeles, and Washington, D.C. Latino Studies is relevant to practically every academic discipline and to careers in architecture, business, church leadership, community organizing, the arts, engineering, law, medicine, teaching, and much more.

After Graduation

ILS graduates find success in a variety of fields. 

Camille Suarez

Camille Suarez

Class: 2013
Career Field: Academia

Camille Suarez, 2013, majored in History with a and Latino Studies minor. She is a Doctoral candidate in the Department of History at the University of Pennsylvania where she researches 19th and 20th Century U.S., transnational history, race, reconstruction, and more.

Brian Reynolds

Brian Reynolds

Class: 2013
Career Field: Finance

Brian Reynolds double majored in Latino Studies and Finance. He works as an associate at UBS, a Swiss global financial services company.

Matt Hickey

Matthew Hickey

Class: 2015
Career Field: Engineering

Matthew Hickey double majored in Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering double major and minored in Latino Studies. He is an Engineering Consultant in the Engineering & Technology group at ChemStaff in Chicago. 

Juan Rangel

Juan Rangel

Class: 2015
Career Field: Government

Juan Rangel double majored in Political Science and Latino Studies. He works in Washington D.C. as an assistant to Congresswoman Linda Sanchez, who serves as Vice Chair of the House Democratic Caucus and Chair of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus. Juan graduated in 2015.

Emilie Prot

Emilie Prot

Class: 2008
Career Field: Healthcare

Emilie Prot majored in Science Pre-Professional major and minored in Latino Studies. She is the Regional Medical Director at Texas Department of State Health Services. 

Nicolas Guzman

Nicholas Guzman

Class: 2006
Career Field: Law

Nicholas Guzman majored in Political Science Major with a minor Latino Studies. He is an Attorney at Drinker Bittle, a Baltimore law firm. 

Prisma Garcia

Prisma Garcia

Class: 2009
Career Field: Nonprofit

Prisma Garcia majored in Science-Business and with a minor in Latino Studies. She is the Director of Capacity Building at Social Venture Partners Dallas. 

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