Meet the Scholars

Cohort 1 - Class of 2021


Cohort 2 - Class of 2022



Aaron Benavides

Major: Political Science
Hometown: Corpus Christi, TX  

"I have always had the desire to be a sort of representative of the Latino/Hispanic community, but being an LSSP scholar has influenced me and serves as a daily reminder of why I am here and my role on campus.



Yanik Ariste

Intended Major: Business
Hometown: Miami, FL  

“I volunteer so that economic status does not hinder their ability to receive religious education and to alleviate their parents’ worries of their children not being able to receive their sacraments.”



Jisel Gomez

Major: Biological Sciences
Hometown: Mundelein, IL

"I go to office hours for the professors I have but I do not feel as if I really know them or that I have the confidence to approach them. With LSSP, I knew I had an existing support system of mentors prior to even arriving on campus."

  Lauren Morejon

Lorena V. Morejon-Lasso

Intended Major: Pre-Med
Hometown: Boca Raton, FL  

“We seek to empower future generations as many Latinos have come to the United States in search of a better life. I have a duty to act, to contribute, to make a difference."



Kelly Liang

Major: Political Science
Hometown: Miami, FL  

“"I now feel like I can go home and accomplish big tasks like policy change and not only influence my immediate family and friends but rather the broader community. I am no longer afraid to be more involved and take on bigger roles because of the confidence I have gained from being part of a program as grand as LSSP." 



Isabel Ruiz

Intended Major: Film, Television, and Theatre
Hometown: El Paso, TX  

“A true leader will be able to motivate others by making themselves a beacon of trust for others.”



Stacy Manrique

Major: Computer Science
Hometown: McAllen, TX

"Had it not been for LSSP I would not have made the decision to come to school here. Demographically the Latino outreach was lacking on the ND campus. ILS has been a home for me on campus as it focuses on the issues that are dear to me and my community. I feel as I have found a home away from home."



Nicolas Sanchez

Intended Major: Architecture
Hometown: Los Angeles, CA  

“I bear a great responsibility to my immigrant brothers and sisters and am determined to serve them and help give them the voice they deserve”