Notre Dame Day 2016

Location: Online at

Please consider donating your $10 gift (or more) and casting your votes for the Institute for Latino Studies. 

Notre Dame Day ILS flyer


Notre Dame Day is a global celebration of the Notre Dame mission that engages, informs, and inspires people to take action and give back. Notre Dame Day is a chance to celebrate and give to what you love most about the University!

On April 24 – 25, the global Notre Dame family will come together in a celebration of all things Notre Dame through an online fundraising competition and streaming broadcast. Notre Dame Day will kick off 6:42 pm Eastern Time on April 24 and conclude at Midnight on April 25.


When will Notre Dame Day take place?
Notre Dame Day will be broadcast for 29 hours and 18 minutes. The event will begin at 18:42 Eastern Time (6:42 pm ET) on April 24 and end at 11:59 pm ET on April 25.

How do I watch?
To watch the LIVE broadcast, go to NOTREDAMEDAY.ND.EDU. Starting at 6:42 pm ET the opening kick-off for Notre Dame Day will begin. Exciting stories, live musical performances, and competitions will be featured throughout this 29-hour LIVE broadcast. Notre Dame Day will conclude at 11:59 pm ET on Monday, April 25th. You will not want to miss a minute of the broadcast!

How do I make a gift?
To make a gift during Notre Dame Day, go to NOTREDAMEDAY.ND.EDU, click the “Give & Vote” button, and follow the directions provided. Thank you!

What do I do with my votes?
For each minimum $10 gift, you will receive five (5) votes*. You can cast your vote for the areas of the University that mean the most to you – whether it be a college, department, program, residence hall, student club, Notre Dame Club, or sport. *Note: each additional gift (minimum of $10) will receive only one (1) vote per gift.

Why do votes matter?
Your votes will help determine the allocation of a $1 Million Challenge Fund that will be awarded to areas based on the percentage of votes.

Is there a minimum donation amount?
Yes, there is a minimum $10 gift to participate.

Why don’t I receive more votes for a larger gift?
At Notre Dame Day’s core is the concept of equity. It is designed so each donor receives the same amount of votes so that those with larger philanthropic means do not dominate the distribution of the $1 Million Challenge Fund.