Record Launch and Listening Session: Serrano de Corazón


Location: Joyce/Carmichael Private Dining Room, Morris Inn

Serrano de Corazon Album Cover

Celebrating the Mexican Tradition of Huapango Arribeño: Guillermo Velázquez y Los Leones de la Sierra de Xichú to Release ‘Serrano de Corazón’

On August 26th the album Serrano de Corazón (Highlander at Heart) by Guillermo Velázquez y Los Leones de la Sierra de Xichú will be officially released through the world-renowned Tradiciones music series on Smithsonian Folkways Recordings.

This album is produced by University of Notre Dame’s Assistant Professor of Anthropology, Alex E. Chávez.  Recognized as a project of passion, the objective has been to expose the traditional sounds of huapango arribeño to a global audience. This has been a focus of Dr. Chavez’ research for twelve years, and a collaboration with Smithsonian Folkways for the last four.

Featuring nine tracks lasting a total of 76 minutes, the collection embodies tradition, as well as the energy of topadas festivities—exciting, all-night duels between musicians. This first-ever recording of its kind by an esteemed cultural institution highlights the huapango arribeño tradition at its finest. It will be available for purchase August 26th, preview the album HERE. Enjoy!

“Serrano de Corazón” Tracklisting

1. Serrano de corazón   (Highlander at Heart)
2. Saludo y pinto mi raya   (I Extend Greetings and Stake My Claim)
3. Brota mi canto y se ufana   (My Voice Springs Forth Proudly)
4. La topada de poetas   (The Poets’ Topada)
5. Nací en el Puerto de Palmas   (I Was Born in El Puerto de Palmas)
6. El huapango resplandece   (Huapango Is Resplendent)
7. Otro que mejor se queda   (Another One Who Decides to Stay)
8. Si todo fuera al revés   (If Everything Were Reversed
9. Con un indignado amor   (With an Indignant Love)