Latinx Voters and the 2020 Election


Location: Zoom

Ricardo Ramirez

A Conversation with ILS Faculty Fellows: ILS Director Luis R. Fraga & Associate Professor of Political Science Ricardo Ramirez

The rising prominence of Latino voters in electoral politics comes with its own set of potential difficulties. For one, Latino voters confront what Fraga calls the “paradox of inclusion.” In essence, Latinos are in danger of being taken for granted as voters, particularly by the Democratic Party, given that their only viable opponents -- Republicans -- are known for their hard stance against immigrants and other policies relevant to Latinos.

There’s no question the Latino vote will be crucial in this year’s presidential election. But to understand the impact of Latinos in 2020, it’s helpful to step back four years, to the victory of a president who has made anti-Latino and anti-immigrant sentiment a staple of his presidency. For additional information on this topic, read this ILS article or their new co-edited book titled Latinos and the 2016 Election: Latino Resistance and the Election of Donald Trump.

This will be the first event of a suite of scholarly activities offered by the Institute for Latino Studies throughout Hispanic Heritage Month (Sept. 15 – Oct. 15, 2020) at the University of Notre Dame.

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