Flash Panel: Haitian Migrants at the U.S. Border


Location: Zoom Webinar

Haitian Migrants Border Patrol 0921

This event recording is now available on YouTube.

The suffering of Haitians arriving at the US Texas border—inhumane condition, abuse by border patrol on horseback and summary decorations—have captured the news cycle. What is the context of Haitian migrants coming to the U.S.-Mexico border?  What are the immediate and long-term causes of their risky journeys and how is US immigration policy being applied to their asylum cases?  What can and should be done to help?
You are invited to a virtual flash panel on Monday, September 27 at 6:00 PM with experts on Haiti and migration from our ND community: Karen Richman, Jean Marc Brissau and Larose Saint Jean.  Karen Richman is a cultural anthropologist and Director of Undergraduate Latino Studies, Jean Marc Brissau is the Graduate Programs Manager at the ND Law School and Larose Saint Jean is the director of St. Michael’s Laundry.  Jean Marc Brissau and Saint Jean have Haitian law degrees.

Photo from Getty Images as it appeared on The New York Times.