"All the Breath We Can Hold", a New Exhibition by Maria Tomasula, ILS Faculty Fellow

Author: Institute for Latino Studies

29425944 2111420075542798 4989042308910415872 OMothership, 2017, oil on panel, 20x16

ILS Faculty Fellow, Maria Tomasula's work is currently being displayed in a new exhibition titled, "All the Breath We Can Hold", at Forum Gallery in New York, New York through April 7th. 

Soo Y. Dang, Professor of Art History at Chicago State University speaks about Tomasula's exhibition, stating that Tomasula "has spoken about her fascination with the colonial Baroque decorations in the Mexican Catholic Churches she attended as a child. She also vividly remembers the idealized figures of saints, who were presented in scenes of horrific martyrdom that were abundant in those churches as well. This is the genesis of her flower still lives, which, although beautiful in overall appearance, are actually revealed to be tortured upon close examination, as the pieces are strenuously tied, pulled and pierced by nails, hooks, and strings, the recurring instruments of affliction in Tomasula's oeuvre."

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