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Historian Studies Impact of Mexican Immigrants in Chicago

Author: Mike Danahey

Growing up in Los Angeles, Mike Amezcua heard stories about how his great-grandparents emigrated from Michoacán, Mexico to find work in Chicago during the 1920s. Such stories influenced Amezcua’s academic path, inspiring him to focus on how Mexicans helped shaped Chicago’s mid-20th century history. His journey will bring him to South Bend in fall 2014 as an assistant professor of history and faculty fellow in the College of Arts and Letters’ Institute for Latino Studies.

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Crossroads Gallery for Contemporary Art presents 'The African Presence in Mexico: From Yanga to the Present'

Author: Gilberto Cardenas

"The African Presence in Mexico: From Yanga to the Present"

The Crossroads Gallery of Contemporary Art at the University of Notre Dame Center for Arts and Culture will begin the fall 2013 semester with an exhibition titled, “The African Presence in Mexico: From Yanga to the Present.” This exhibition, now on tour in the form of educational panels, images and didactics, was originally organized and toured by the National Museum of Mexican Art in Chicago. The original show examined the missing chapter in Mexican history that highlighted the African contributions to Mexican culture over the past nearly 500 years.

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