The minor in Latino Studies consists of fifteen (15) credit hours: a gateway course (3 credits), capstone/practicum course (3 credits), and nine (9) credit hours of elective course work.


1. Gateway Course (3 credits)
ILS 20701, Introduction to Latinos in American Society. This course examines the Latino experience in the United States, including the historical, cultural, social, economic, political, and religious foundations of the diverse U.S. Latino population.

2. Capstone/Practicum Course (3 credits)
In this 40000-level course, students meet in a seminar-style class and complete a substantial research project (approximately 15-20 pages) based on bibliographic and/or experiential research in Latino Studies.

3. Elective Courses: (9 credits)
Students take three additional Latino Studies courses as electives chosen in consultation with the ILS Director of Undergraduate Studies.

4. Senior Thesis Option (3 credits)
A senior thesis in Latino Studies is encouraged, but not required, for students enrolled in the minor. In addition, Glynn Honors Program students enrolled in the Latino Studies program as minors or supplemental majors may also write a senior thesis in Latino Studies. Thesis students take the thesis-writing course in Latino Studies (ILS 48900) under the direction of their thesis faculty supervisor. A minimum grade point average and faculty recommendation are required for acceptance. Students interested in writing a senior thesis should apply to the ILS Director of Undergraduate Studies by the spring of their junior year.

5. Directed Reading Course Option (1-3 credits)
A directed readings course (ILS 46711) allows a student to explore in depth a theme or subject in Latino Studies under the guidance of a faculty member. Directed readings cover material that is not offered as a regular classroom course. Enrollment requires the approval of the Director of Undergraduate Studies.