Public Lecture by Alex E. Chávez


Location: B001Geddes Hall

Latino studies faculty candidate in cultural anthropology, Alex E. Chávez of the University of Illinois at Chicago will be presenting a public lecture titled Going South: Questions of Intimacy, Family, and Homeland in Latino Migrant Lives.


In this presentation, he looks at recent Latino migration to the US-American South and the ways in which solidarities and bonds of intimacy are formed amidst the challenging pressures of transnational mobility, a process by which notions of family and home are refigured in daily life. Drawing from his current and upcoming research, Chávez makes a case for the South as a crucial site for exploring emergent Latino identities against the grain of race and nation, thus providing new perspectives on the common scripting of “immigrant incorporation,” the “separation of families,” and the idea of  “homeland.”









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