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Menes, Orlando. Heresies. Alburquerque: University of New Mexico Press, 2015.

Narvaez, Darcia. Neurobiology and the Development of Human Morality: Evolution, Culture, and Wisdom. New York: W.W. Norton, 2014.

Ruiz, JasonAmericans in the Treasure House: Travel to Porfirian Mexico and the Cultural Politics of Empire. Austin: University of Texas Press, 2014.

Ramírez, RicardoMobilizing Opportunities: The Evolving Latino Electorate and the Future of American Politics. Charlottesville: University of Virginia Press, 2013.

Prizant, YaelCuba Inside Out: Revolution and Contemporary Theatre. Carbondale: Southern Illinois University Press, 2013.

Pensado, JaimeRebel Mexico: Student Unrest and Authoritarian Political Culture during the Long SixtiesStanford, CA: Stanford University Press, 2013.

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Poetry and migration event to take place at Notre Dame

Author: Institute for Latino Studies

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SOUTH BEND — Letras Latinas, the literary initiative at the University of Notre Dame’s Institute for Latino Studies, is pleased to be partnering with Notre Dame’s Creative Writing Program to present, “Because We Come From Everything: a night of poetry and community.” This campus event will feature students, faculty, staff, and members of the community, who will all be sharing poems on the theme of migration. The reading will take place on Thursday, March 30 at 7:30 PM in the banquet hall in the basement of McKenna Hall.

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ILS Co-director Luis Fraga quoted on Today's Catholic in regards to the area's first Catholic School Immersion Track

Author: Institute for Latino Studies

The Institute for Latino Studies' Co-director Luis Fraga has been working in collaboration with the Alliance for Catholic Education and Holy Cross grade school to initiate the area's first Catholic school Spanish-English immersion program.  


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