ILS fosters and develops research in Latino Studies by faculty experts from numerous disciplines, positioning them as thought leaders throughout the U.S. and the world.  

One of the principle ways we do this is through our Faculty Fellows program. Fellows can obtain grants to support research, research-related conference travel, academic conferences & workshops, working groups, research clusters and labs, academic and cultural events, and projects in Latino Studies. 

ILS Fellows are faculty, professors of the practice, and teaching professionals who fulfill the majority of these criteria:

  • Teach undergraduate and graduate courses with US Latinx issue or topic area
  • Mentor Latinx students in lieu of or in addition to teaching courses, especially in STEM/Business fields
  • Participate in one ILS faculty meeting per year and 1 event per semester
  • Initiate at least one speaker/event/enrichment opportunity every 3 years
  • Support diversification of the pipeline of leaders in all sectors of society and the Catholic Church
  • Advance the field of Latino Studies through inquiry and publication

Those interested in becoming a faculty fellow at ILS should submit a letter of intent and a copy of their CV to the ILS Director, Dr. Luis Fraga, at, for consideration.

ILS Funding Opportunity:

ILS is making up to $2,500 in funding available for faculty fellows to spend on research related work during Academic Year 2022-23.  

If you would like to formally request support from ILS, please address a one page proposal along with a one page budget showing all revenue sources and expenses to ILS Associate Director Paloma Garcia-Lopez. Requests for funding are accepted year round.


Meet our current faculty fellows

Ils Faculty Monterrosa Adjunct Law Anderson Aragon Quesada Ramirez Botero 3 Guest Speakers Cortez Moreno Robles Ruiz At Ils Event Lifes Loteria 11 12 19