Tatiana ReinozaAssistant Professor Tatiana Reinoza

The Latino Studies Seminar Series examines new research projects of Notre Dame faculty in the collegial context of a community of intellectuals. Lectures span all disciplines and allow for thought-provoking conversations between ILS Faculty Fellows.

Here are some recent seminars:

"Community Non-Profits and Racial/Ethnic Minority Victims' Crime Reporting Behavior,"
Ricardo Martinez-Schuldt, Assistant Professor of Sociology

“America at its Best: Enacting the 1975 Voting Rights Act,”
 Luis Fraga, ILS Director; Rev. Donald P. McNeill, C.S.C., Professor of Transformative Latino Leadership; and Joseph and Elizabeth Robbie Professor of Political Science

“Correcting Injustice in the American Criminal Justice System,”
Jimmy Gurulé, Professor of Law

“Border Pop: Chicanx Printmaking in the NAFTA Era,”
Tatiana Reinoza, Assistant Professor of Art, Art History, & Design

“Hanigan and the Origins of the Immigrant Rights Movement,”
Maggie Elmore, Postdoctoral Research Associate, Cushwa Center for the Study of American Catholicism

ILS is home to faculty experts from numerous disciplines working in Latino Studies. We invite you to learn more about our Faculty Fellows program and check out our faculty bookshelf.