Graduate Working Group

The Graduate Working Group convenes young scholars from multiple disciplines to share their research, address issues affecting Latino communities, and develop a national professional network in a growing field of experts.

All graduate students on the ND campus are invited to respond to and/or share papers they are developing on topics relating to U.S.-based Latino communities. This group meets in the ILS Conference Room.

For more information about membership or presentations, please contact the new group co-chairs Jessala Grijalva and Roger Cadena.


Dominique Vargas Headshot

Thank you for your leadership Dominique!

The outgoing group chair for the past 3 years, Dominique Vargas, PhD student in the Department of English, had the following statement to share:

"As I approach graduation, I would like to thank every member of the group for your perseverance and for your commitment to our community. I am also indebted to the ILS leadership for their support and especially to Idalia Maldonado and Maribel Rodriguez for facilitating meetings and ensuring our success. Leading this group over the last three years has been one of the most fulfilling and enjoyable experiences of my graduate training. I am excited to welcome Jessala Grijalva and Roger Cadena as the incoming chairs of the ILS graduate student working group. Jessala and Roger are dedicated Latino Studies scholars and long-standing members of the working group who consistently ask rigorous questions while also supporting and encouraging others. With their leadership, I am confident that this important intellectual community will continue to thrive. I invite you to sign up and join the group for future meetings!"


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Wade Marsh Testimonial

“The ILS graduate working group offers me innovative ways of making my research more accessible to and connected with important Latino Studies work in disciplines other than my own. It has also provided community that has sustained me through the ups and downs of graduate school. I am so thankful for my ILS family—for their brilliance, their patience, their support, and for pushing me to be a better scholar who studies Latinos with new frameworks and methods.”

             —Wayde Marsh, Political Science


Photo Solarte Ruth


“In the ILS grad working group I have found a pleasant space for an interdisciplinary dialogue and meaningful input to approach my research topics.”

—Ruth Solarte Gonzales, Spanish