Latino Studies Scholars Program

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The University of Notre Dame’ Institute for Latino Studies is proud to welcome its fourth cohort of recipients for its Latino Studies Scholars Program (LSSP). This merit-based, leadership scholarship for undergraduate students, admitted through the early and regular admissions process, is designed to attract and shape key leaders working to support and empower Latino communities.

The scholarship was created by the Institute for Latino Studies (ILS) as part of its mission to advance the understanding of the fastest growing and youngest population in the United States and the Catholic Church. ILS strengthens Notre Dame’s mission to prepare transformative leaders in education, the professions, the arts, economic and civic participation, faith, and family life among Latinos and all members of our society. We seek to attract the best and brightest students with an interest in impacting the Latino community. (Read a news story about the impact the program has had on our students here.)

In partnership with the University of Notre Dame Enrollment Division, the Institute For Latino Studies will oversee and implement the following program:

·       Awards four merit-based scholarship of $25,000 per year (~$100,000 over four years) in  addition to any need-based aid received

·       Provides up to $5,000 per summer for three summers to fund enrichment activities such as internships, conferences, and study abroad

·       Delivers a curriculum and research opportunities in Latino Studies to all Scholars

·       Encourages Scholars to enroll in any college or major at Notre Dame

·       Engages Scholars in dialogue with transformative leaders in education, business, faith, the arts, and other professions

The Latino Studies Scholars Program:

·       Welcomes students of Latino and non-Latino origin

·       Selects candidates who show an interest in Latino Studies courses at Notre Dame  

·       Selects candidates who demonstrate a commitment to the future of Latino communities in the United States

·       Encourages Scholars to enroll in any college or major at Notre Dame

·       Interviews finalists in the Spring


As with all merit-based scholarships at Notre Dame, selections for the Latino Studies Scholars Program are made as part of the admission process. A completed application for admission is considered a student’s application for all merit aid. Candidates may be contacted directly, usually in late January, with a request for additional information (e.g. interview, essay, etc.) prior to selection, and finalists will be notified of next steps. Learn more here.      

The University expects to enroll it fourth cohort of Latino Studies Scholars for the coming academic year (2020 - 2021)

As a leading Catholic research institution, the University of Notre Dame recognizes the importance of the growing Latino community in the United States and its impact on the future of the country and the Catholic Church.

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“Through the Latino Studies Scholars Program, Notre Dame is demonstrating its commitment to develop the next generation of leaders who are committed to expand the common good. One cannot be such a leader in any sector without a deep understanding of Latino communities, the largest ethnoracial group in the country and in the Catholic Church. It is often said that leaders are not made; they are born. We are convinced that whatever the origin of leaders, they must be supported to develop to the full range of their abilities. LSSP is designed to help the next generation of leaders reach that potential as a fundamental part of their undergraduate studies.”

-      Luis Ricardo Fraga, Director of the ILS,
Acting Chair, Department of Political Science 
Rev. Donald P. McNeill, C.S.C., Professor of Transformative Latino Leadership
Joseph and Elizabeth Robbie Professor of Political Science

For more information, email or call 574.631.4881