• Thomas Anderson, The William M. Scholl Professor of Latin American Literature and Chair of Romance Languages and Literatures
  • Francisco Aragón, Associate Professional Specialist, Latino Studies
  • Kraig Beyerlein, Associate Professor, Sociology
  • Tatiana Botero, Associate Teaching Professor, Spanish, Department of Romance Languages and Literatures
  • Jorge Bustamante, The Eugene P. and Helen Conley Professor of Sociology
  • Peter Casarella, Associate Professor, Theology
  • Yamil Colón, Melchor Visiting Assistant Professor, Chemical and Biochemical Engineering
  • Alex E. Chávez, Assistant Professor, Anthropology
  • David Cortez, Assistant Professor, Political Science
  • Luis Ricardo Fraga, Rev. Donald P. McNeill, C.S.C., Professor of Transformative Latino Leadership and the Joseph and Elizabeth Robbie Professor of Political Science
  • Agustín Fuentes, Professor Anthropology and Rev. Edmund P. Joyce, C.S.C., Endowed Chair in Anthropology
  • Anne García-Romero, Thomas J. and Robert T. Rolfs Associate Professor of Film, Television, and Theatre
  • Daniel Groody, CSC, Associate Professor, Theology
  • Jimmy Gurulé, Professor of Law
  • Carlos A. Jáuregui, Associate Professor, Romance Languages and Literatures
  • Amy Langenkamp, O'Shaughnessy Assistant Professor Chair of Educational Studies
  • David M. Lantigua, Assistant Professor, Theology
  • Timothy Matovina, Professor, Theology
  • Orlando Menes, Professor, English
  • Marisel Moreno, Associate Professor, Romance Languages and Literatures
  • Darcia Narvaez, Professor, Psychology
  • Jaime Pensado, Associate Professor, History
  • Sarah Quesada, Assistant Professor, English 
  • Ricardo Ramírez, Associate Professor, Political Science
  • Tatiana Reinoza, Assistant Professor, Art, Art History, and Design 
  • Karen Richman, Professional Specialist, Latino Studies
  • Francisco Robles, Assistant Professor, English 
  • Jason Ruiz, Associate Professor, American Studies
  • Maria Tomasula, Micheal P. Grace Professor, Art, Art History & Design
  • Thomas Tweed, The W. Harold and Martha Welch Endowed Chair American Studies and founding director of Rafat and Zoreen Ansari Institute for Global Engagement with Religion


Recent Faculty Publications

Chávez, Alex E. Sounds of Crossing: Music, Migration, and the Aural Poetics of Huapango Arribeño. Durham, NC: Duke University Press, 2017.

Fuentes, Agustín. The Creative Spark: How Imagination Made Humans Exceptional. Dutton Books, 2017.

García-Romero, Anne. The Fornes Frame: Contemporary Latina Playwrights and the Legacy of Maria Irene Fornes. Tuscon: The University of Arizona Press, 2016.

Rivera-Rideau, Petra R., Jones, Jennifer A., and Paschel, Tianna eds. Afro-Latin@s in Movement: Critical Approaches to Blackness and Transnationalism in the Americas. Palgrave Macmillan US, 2016.

Menes, Orlando. Heresies. Albuquerque: University of New Mexico Press, 2015.

More Publications

Faculty News

ILS Faculty Fellow Receives Two Teaching Awards

Author: Lauren Melancon


Tatiana Botero, Associate Teaching Professor, Spanish, Romance Languages and Literatures, University of Notre Dame and Institute for Latino Studies Faculty Fellow was recently been honored with the AATSP (American Association of Teacher of Spanish and Portuguese) 2018 Spanish Teacher of the Year Award

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ILS director's lecture on the enrollment of latino students in Catholic schools featured in The Observer

Author: Steven Koich

Luis Fraga Hesburgh Lecture

Luis Fraga, Director of the Institute for Latino Studies, discussed the under enrollment of Latino students in American Catholic schools at the 2017 Hesburgh Lecture Wednesday at the Eck Center.

Latinos now comprise 35 percent of all Catholics living in the United States; for practicing Catholics under 30, Latinos comprise 52 percent. Yet, only 15–17 percent of all students enrolled in Catholic schools are Latino.…

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Department chair strives to bring literary and cultural context to American understanding of Cuba

Author: Carrie Gates

For Thomas Anderson, it’s hard not to be fascinated with Cuba. Anderson, a professor of Spanish and chair of the Department of Romance Languages and Literatures, has written two books on Cuban literature and culture and has published an edited volume of a leading Cuban author’s letters. Currently, he is working on a book that focuses on images of the U.S. civil rights movement in Cuban poetry. “I think for a lot of people, Cuba has always been seen as this forbidden country, and it’s something people are drawn to,” he said. “But it’s also a country with an incredibly rich literary and cultural history.”

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