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Chávez, Alex E. Sounds of Crossing: Music, Migration, and the Aural Poetics of Huapango Arribeño. Durham, NC: Duke University Press, 2017.

Fuentes, Agustín. The Creative Spark: How Imagination Made Humans Exceptional. Dutton Books, 2017.

García-Romero, Anne. The Fornes Frame: Contemporary Latina Playwrights and the Legacy of Maria Irene Fornes. Tuscon: The University of Arizona Press, 2016.

Rivera-Rideau, Petra R., Jones, Jennifer A., and Paschel, Tianna eds. Afro-Latin@s in Movement: Critical Approaches to Blackness and Transnationalism in the Americas. Palgrave Macmillan US, 2016.

Menes, Orlando. Heresies. Albuquerque: University of New Mexico Press, 2015.

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Hispanic Heritage Month Reminds Us 1000+ ND Students are Latinx

Author: Institute for Latino Studies

ND Students With Flags

Hispanic Heritage Month starts today at the Notre Dame and all over the nation.  Over 14% of incoming undergraduates self-identify as Latino/Hispanic students, making over 1000 of the 8731 undergraduates at ND Latinx, not including international and DACA students. The first record of a Latinx student at ND dates back to Alexandro Perea of New Mexico who enrolled in 1864.  More Latinx students from New Mexico and Colorado enrolled by the 1870s, due in large part to Fr. Zahm who recruited students from the Southwest to ND. In 1928, La Raza Club was formed by Latin American and Mexican students, later reporting its first U.S. born president in 1954: Samuel Adelo of New Mexico. Sociologist Dr. Julian Samora established the Mexican-American Graduate Studies Program at ND in 1971 to 1985, becoming known as a consistent advocate for Latinx students, mentor to dozens of graduate students, and the founder of Latino Studies nationwide.

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From Here to There: Program helps underrepresented students advance their academic career

Author: Erin Blasko

When Yamil Colón arrived at the University of Notre Dame from Puerto Rico, he had yet to spend much time outside of the island. A chemical and biomolecular engineering major, Colón grew up in Bayamón, a city of about 200,000 in the northern coastal region of Puerto Rico, outside the capital of San Juan. His mother taught middle school. His father worked at the local television station. He spoke imperfect English.…

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Americans actively engaging in collectivism as financial buoy, Institute for Latino Studies scholar finds

Author: Colleen Sharkey

The economic effects of the coronavius in the U.S. have brought Americans’ preexisting financial precarity into stark focus. Karen Richman, director of undergraduate studies at Notre Dame's Institute for Latino Studies, found in a recent study that many people in the U.S. are relying on informal networks of family and friends to stay afloat.

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Anthropologist named a Mellon Emerging Faculty Leader by Woodrow Wilson National Fellowship Foundation

Author: Josh Weinhold

Notre Dame anthropologist Alex Chávez has been named one of 10 Mellon Emerging Faculty Leaders at the Woodrow Wilson National Fellowship Foundation. The award supports junior faculty whose research focuses on contemporary American history, politics, culture, and society, and who are committed to the creation of an inclusive campus community for underrepresented students and scholars. 

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