Cross Cultural Leadership Program



The Cross-Cultural Leadership Program (CCLP) connects students with summer internship opportunities in Chicago, Los Angeles, Washington, D.C. and *Puerto Rico. 

Students in this three-credit, eight-week (four-week for Puerto Rico) summer course will be immersed in community-based and national organizations. They will also engage in critical study related to their service learning in a class led by an ND professor. To promote full immersion in this service-learning experience, students will not be placed in their home communities.

Cclp Pr Group Outdoors

Cross Cultural Leadership Program Features

  • 3-credit course led by ILS faculty with all materials provided (credits applied following academic year). Summer 2021 will be virtual.
  • Scholarship of $2500 upon completion of 8 week, full-time (approx. 32 hours per week) community based organization assignments and course work in Chicago, Los Angeles, Washington, D.C.  Scholarship of $1250 upon completion of 4 week, full-time (approx. 32 hours per week) community based organization assignments and coursework in Puerto Rico. (Scholarship is applied in the fall to your university award). 
  • If allowable due to the COVID-19 pandemic:  Free Housing with 3+ ND undergraduates in the heart of the city.

  • If allowable due to the COVID-1 pandemic: Air Travel to and from Chicago, Los Angeles, Washington, D.C. or Puerto Rico.

  • If travel is allowable due to the COVID-19 pandemic: Stipend of $1200 for food and bus/train pass for 8 week stay in Chicago, Los Angeles, Washington, D.C.  The stipend is $600 for Puerto Rico for a 4 week stay.

Academic Requirements

  • Attend three orientation sessions in the spring semester prior to summer service learning course.
  • Register for a three-credit course. Credit is granted in the fall following completion of the summer service learning course. For students studying abroad in the fall, credit will be conferred in the spring.
  • Read all course books and course packet articles.
  • Keep a journal.
  • Participate in class sessions with professor and other students.
  • Write synthesis paper at the end of the course.
  • Final presentation of your experience at end of summer service learning course to other students, faculty, community members, and alumni of Notre Dame.
  • Participate in all follow up activities in fall following summer service learning course such as exit interview, video, and open house for future potential applicants.

Application Cycle

Submission window: November 1 - January 1

Interviews: February

Placements: March

Orientation: April

Virtual Internship Program Dates: Tuesday, June 1 - Friday, July 23, 2021


Student Spotlights


"As a child, I served as an interpreter and navigator for my family. Working at Taller de Jose in Chicago as a 'compañera,' I related to my clients who needed someone to help them access healthcare and disability resources.  I attended to the immediate needs of walk-in clients, reviewed grant narratives, connected people with Catholic Charities. The Resurrection Project and other agencies across the city, accompanied clients to the hospital, and provided support by being a good listener and communicator.  The optimism and hopeful nature of the Mexican American community in Chicago inspired me. Mexican Americans show us their strength and perseverance generation after generation.”

Iesha Magallanes '20 
Chicago • Taller de José 
Computer Science and Design Major             

2019 CCLP Interns

Hacr Group At Wh
Jebraune Chambers '20 (center) & Yanik Ariste '22 (second from left) in D.C.

San Juan, Puerto Rico 

Alejandra Osorio ’21 ENLACE (water resources)

Lorena Morejon-Lasso ’22 - ENLACE (water resources)   

Diego Reynoso ’21 - ENLACE (youth entrepreneurship)       

Tim Jacklich ’20 ENLACE (youth entrepreneurship)         

Vaishali Nayak ’20 - HealthProMed Clinic

Mary Grace Phelan ’21 - HealthProMed Clinic

Amber Grimmer ’20 - HealthProMed Clinic

Anna Pappas ’22 - HealthProMed Clinic  

Chicago, Illinois   

Angela Rogers ’20 - National Museum of Mexican Art

Ava Gruener ’20 - Illinois Coalition for Immigrant & Refugee Rights

Armando Sanchez ’20 - MALDEF   

Jacob Fries '21 - Rush Alzheimer’s  

Los Angeles                                     


Nico Sanchez ’22 - Century Housing                               

Sarah Konkey ’20 - Self Help Graphics                                     

Maria Camila Leon Buitrago ’22 - UNIDOS U.S.                   

Luis Lopez ’22 - UFWF Health                                                         

Kassy Perez ’21 - UFWF Immigration

Washington, D.C.

Yanik Ariste ’22 - HACR

Cindy Giron ’20 - MALDEF

Jebraune Chambers ’20 - LULAC

Jennifer Moreno ’22 - USCCB—Anti-trafficking


Special Thanks to ....

The Notre Dame Club of Los Angeles for being a generous supporter of the CCLP Los Angeles site
through annual endowment contributions raised at club events.

Notre Dame Club Of Los Angeles